Saturday, August 16, 2008

FY2 Begins

Welcome to FY2 (foundation year 2 training), the land of experimental e-portfolios, no study leave in some trusts whilst others take any exam known to man that may help at ST job interviews and getting bleeped because nurses are not allowed to get F1s out of bed at night. Take control of your own learning, arrange a taster week and write an a4 report on it (is anyone else thinking primary school or medical elective?). My first week consisted of the usual induction topics (fire safety, infection control, risk management lectures) with resus training (always useful). Sometimes I wonder why I do this job especially when a minority of patients are rude, aggressive or abuse the NHS. This is counterbalanced by the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I have made a diagnosis and initiated treatment which will benefit the patient (cliche alert). I still get a rush from the clinical experience and I hope to never loose that enthusiasm. However glancing at some of my more experienced colleagues, it may be inevitable. Doctors are less respected than before, medico legal is the buzz word and the internet makes self diagnosis a foregone conclusion. Despite all this, I honestly don't think I could do anything else. Enough talking shop.

Watch out for:

Jazmine Sullivan-they're calling her the new Alicia Keys (no comparison, vocally she wins hands down but I do love Alicia).
Little Jackie -eclectic genre defying artist.

10 things I have learnt:

1.I have a magazine addiction-glamour, elle, vogue, company etc
2.New Kids On The Block have a greatest hits album out in the States
3.Georgia is a State outside of the US
4.MMC (modernising medical careers) doesn't know what it is doing
5. Rock star kids have no common sense and are always named after fruit
6. You can be famous for no reason (Brooke Hogan, BB contestants, Jamie Winstone)
7. Sienna Miller is immensely talented (if anyone has any idea of which field other than dating 'separated men', please send answers in on a post card)
8. Everyone is scared of getting stabbed or gunned down especially by kids on public transport who play loud music (la la la, no no my ear drums aren't begging for respite)
9. London lite and London paper come out AFTER metro
10.Lily Allen gets more annoying as she gets older, release an album (pref somewhere else so we aren't subjected to singles on the radio), do something.